Diana Law
Diana is the inspiration behind the Families First Golf Foundation and directs its day-to-day operations.

Rick Heard, PGA
Rick directs the DLGA and the Foundation, guides the Foundation's expenditures, and teaches numerous junior golfers.

mission & vision

We believe the values of golf are those of life, and we strive to allow each child to experience the joys and challenges of this wonderful game.

Don Law, PGA

2012 National PGA Junior Leader and Founder of the Don Law Golf Academy

Families First Golf Foundation

  1. 1999 - Don and Diana Law form the Don Law Golf Academy and begin operations at Boca Dunes Golf & Country Club.
  2. 2001 - Rick Heard joins forces with Don and Diana.
  3. 2010 - Diana forms the Families First Golf Foundation.
  4. 2014- 2015 - DLGA holds its annual Family Golf Day to benefit all golf families and raise funds for the Families First Golf Foundation.

recent programs

Our recent clinic for families of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society was amazing, and we enjoyed enabling them to spend a few hours on the golf course.


We spend our extra time volunteering to help golf events and outings that benefit youth.

Our motto is "no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care." We love the game of golf and are dedicated to helping everyone enjoy this great game, no matter their background, economic status, age, gender, or ability.

Foundation History

Our founder

Let’s get families on course!

Jennifer Moss
Jennifer is the general manager of the DLGA and oversees operations of the Foundation.

our leadership team